University Health Center

The University Health Centre was established in 1973 and provides medical facilities to the teaching fraternity, students, as well as non-teaching staff, retirees/pensioners and residents of the campus.

Medical Facilities

The Health Center provides the following medical facilities.

  • Medical OPD
  • Dental OPD
  • Ayurveda OPD
  • Physiotherapy Center

These facilities are open Monday to Saturday and even on gazetted/ declared holidays.

Emergency facility is available 24X7 with

Ambulance Services are available 24X7.

The Doctors provide primary health care.

For services not covered at the Health Center, referral services to Government and Multispecialty hospitals for

specialized treatment/hospitalization are available.

18 local hospitals are on empanelment with the University at CGHS rates.

Routine Immunization to children under 5 years of age and Tetanus is available,

Medicines are provided free of cost as per University rules.

Various Diagnostic tests are available at the health center

Timings and Charges

OPD timings are 8:30 am to 12 pm in the mornings and 4 pm to 6 pm in the evening. These facilities are open Monday to Saturday and even on gazetted/ declared holidays.
For after-hours emergencies, one Pharmacist and one attendant are deputed round the clock.
For diagnostic labs, the sample collection timings are 8 am to 12 pm. Reports can be collected the same day after 4 pm or as advised.
There are no charges for doctors consultations
For diagnostic tests, marginal rates are being charged.

Medical OPD

The following State of the art Diagnostic Medical Facilities are available.

Various hematological, biochemical and microbiological tests using

  • Automatic Random Access Chemiluminiscense Analyzer
  • Five Part Differential Hematology Cell Counter
  • Automated Random Access Blood Chemistry Analyzer
  • Electrolyte Analyzer
  • ELISA Reader and Washer

Treadmill Test (TMT)

Treadmill Test (TMT)

Pulmonary Lab (Spirometry)

ECG (Fully Computerized Digital Electrocardiograph)

Digital EEG

The Diagnostic Radiology Wing has the following facilities
  • Digital X ray
  • Bone Mineral Density and Whole Body Composition (DEXA Scan)
  • Mammography
  • Diagnostic Ultrasonography (Including Endocavitary and 4D Scan)
  • Whole Body Color Doppler
  • Dental X ray (RVG)
  • Orthopantomogram

All X-ray Equipment are registered with the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB), Government of India.
The rooms with the X-ray Equipment are built as per AERB guidelines with Lead sheets in the walls and the doors.
Radiation Safety Devices (Lead aprons, Lead gloves, Thyroid shield, Gonadal shield, Lead screens, Lead glass) are available
Staffs associated with the use of these are provided with Personal Radiation Monitoring Devices (TLD Badges) through BARC accredited lab.
All the three Ultrasound machines are registered under the PNDT Act. with the Civil Surgeon of Amritsar
QA tests of all machines are done periodically to assess the quality and accuracy of the tests being conducted.

Dental OPD

The following facilities are available at the Dental OPD

  • Minor Dental Surgeries: Dental Extraction, Apicoectomy, Peridontal Flap Surgeries, Surgical Removal of Impacted Teeth
  • Endontic Procedure: Root Canal Treatment, Pulpotomy, Pulpectomy
  • Restorative Procedures: Temporary Filling, Permanent Filling
  • Diagnostic Procedures: X rays and Orthopantomogram
  • Prophylactic Procedures: Scaling/Polishing, Gum curettage


As an alternative medicine option, Ayurveda services are also provided

Physiotherapy Center

A fully functional Physiotherapy Center is present to help the patients with their physiotherapy needs.

Medical Committee

A Medical Committee is constituted regularly to assess the working of the Health Center and recommend programs for the benefit of the University patients


The staff at the Health Center includes

S No Name of the Post
1. Senior Medical Officer (Health Center In-charge)
2. Medical Officer
3. Medical Officer (Dental)
Para Medical Staff
1. Staff  Nurse
2. Senior Lab Technician
3. Dispenser-cum-Pharmacist
4. Radiographer
5. Junior Lab Technician
6. Multipurpose Health Worker
7. Attendant
Other Supporting Staff
1. Senior Assistant/Clerk
2. Driver (For Ambulance)