Accredited at “A++” grade (highest level as per modified criteria notified on 27.07.2017) by NAAC and Conferred “University with Potential for Excellence” status by UGC

Department :  Food Science & Technology

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Name:Dr. Hardeep Singh Gujral
Areas of Interest / SpecializationFood Science and Technology
Best Ten Publications:1. Paras Sharma and Gujral HS*. (2014). Anti-staling effects of Beta-glucan and barley flour in wheat flour chapatti. Food Chemistry.145(15), 102-108. 2. Gujral HS*, Sharma P, Gill BS and Kaur S.(2013). Effect of incorporating hydrothermal, kilned and defatted oats on antioxidant and chapatti making properties of wheat flour. Food Chemistry, 138(2), 1400-1406. 3. Paras Sharma and Gujral HS*. (2013) Extrusion of hulled barley affecting β-glucan and properties of extrudates. Food and Bioprocess Technology. 6: 1374-1389. 4. Paras Sharma, Gujral HS* & Cristina M. Rosell (2011). Effects of roasting on barley β-glucan, thermal, textural and pasting properties. Journal of Cereal Science 53, 25-30. 5. Paras Sharma & Gujral HS* (2010). Antioxidant and polyphenol oxidase activity of germinated barley and its milling fraction. Food Chemistry, 120, 673-678. 6. Gujral HS, Mónica Haros and Cristina M. Rosell*. (2004). Improving the texture and delaying staling in rice flour chapati with hydrocolloids and alpha-amylase. Journal of Food Engineering. 65: 89-94. 7. Gujral HS and Cristina M. Rosell*. (2004). Functionality of rice flour modified with microbial transglutaminase. Journal of Cereal Science. 39: 225-230. 8. Gujral HS and Cristina M. Rosell*. (2004). Improvement of the breadmaking quality of rice flour by glucose oxidase. Food Research International. 37:75-81. 9. Gujral HS, Mónica Haros and Cristina M. Rosell*. (2003). Starch hydrolyzing enzymes for retarding the staling of rice bread. Cereal Chemistry. 80(6): 750-754. 10. Gujral HS, Ignacio Guardiola, José Vicente Carbonell and Cristina M. Rosell*. (2003). Effect of cyclodextrin glycosyl transferase on dough rheology and bread quality from rice flour. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 51: 3814-3818.
Awards and Honours:INSA Medal for Young Scientist (2004) by the Indian National Science Academy.