Accredited at “A++” grade (highest level as per modified criteria notified on 27.07.2017) by NAAC and Conferred “University with Potential for Excellence” status by UGC

Department :  Guru Ramdas School of Planning

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Name:Dr. Ashwani Luthra
Areas of Interest / Specialization1. Urbanization/ Suburbanization Issues, Policies and Planning 2. Sustainable Development and Environmental Concerns 3. Transportation Issues, Planning and Strategies 4. Traffic Management Issues and Strategies 5. Environmental Issues, Planning and Strategies 6. Sustainable Housing issues, Policies and Strategies 7. Infrastructure Planning and Management 8. Regional Economics and Planning 9. Planning Education and Training 10. Project Formulation, Monitoring & Evaluation
Best Ten Publications:1. Luthra, Ashwani. 2002. Sustainable transport environment for 21st century. In Environmental Challenges in the 21st Century by S. Radha and Amar Singh Sankhyan (eds). Deep & Deep Publications, New Delhi: 135-165. ISBN: 81-7629-359-8. 2. Luthra, Ashwani. 2002. Sustainable transport policy for medium and small cities of India. In Transportation Systems- Status and Directions by Arun Kanda, Prem Vrat, A. L. Agarwal & S. G. Deshmukh (eds). Phoenix Publishing House Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi: 152-161. ISBN: 81-7484-058-3. 3. Luthra, Ashwani. 2004. Transport improvement plan for central area of Ludhiana. In Transport Systems Planning and Operations by V. Thamizh Arasan. Allied Publishers Pvt. Ltd., Chennai: 469-478. ISBN: 81-7764-582-X. 4. Luthra, Ashwani. 2006. Para transit system in medium sized cities - problem or panacea. ITPI Journal. April-June. 3(2): 55-61. 5. 24. Luthra, Ashwani. 2008. Developmental issues in peri-urban areas of Punjab. Local Government Quarterly. April-June. 77(2): 5-16. 6. Luthra, Ashwani and Gaurav Mehra. 2009. Land value determination model for Amritsar in India. Sri Lankan Journal of Real Estate. January. 2: 17-32. 7. Luthra, Ashwani. 2011. Transportation strategies for green cities. In Green City; Design, Planning and Management by Rekha Jain, K. K. Dhote and Navneet Munoth (eds). Macmillan Publishers India Ltd., New Delhi: 329-340. ISBN 10: 0230-33241-2, ISBN 13: 978-0230-33241-6. 8. 26. Luthra, Ashwani and N. N. Sastry. 2012. Accessibility as a measure to urban population density structure: a case of Amritsar city. ITPI Journal. October-December. 9(4): 91-104. 9. Luthra Ashwani. 2014. Urban sprawl: implications and planning strategies. In Insensate Urbanization by Shaik Iftikhar Ahmed and Poonam Kaushik (eds). 2014. Twentyfirst Century Publications, Patiala. 16-34. ISBN: 978-93-8014-522-8. 10. Luthra, Ashwani. 2014. Challenges of urban dynamics and planning education. In Changing Spectrum of Human Settlements and Planning Education by Dr. Ashwani Luthra and Gopal Kumar Johari (eds). Cyber Tech Publications, New Delhi, 315-330. ISBN 978-93-5053-361-1.
Awards and Honours:Third Position in M. Sc. Hons. (Economics) Gold Medalist (M.C.R.P.) Best Thesis Award (Institute of Town Planners India, New Delhi, 1989