Accredited at “A++” grade (highest level as per modified criteria notified on 27.07.2017) by NAAC and Conferred “University with Potential for Excellence” status by UGC

Department :  Mathematics

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Name:Dr. Jitender Singh
Areas of Interest / SpecializationHydrodynamics/Topology;
Best Ten Publications:Puneet Kaur, Jitender Singh, and Renu bajaj. "Rayleigh B\'enard convection with two frequency temperature modulation"Physical Review E, 93,4 (2016) 043111. Jitender Singh, Renu Bajaj, and Puneet Kaur. “Bicritical states in temperature-modulated Rayleigh-Benard convection”, Physical Review E, 92, 1 (2015) 0130051-7. Jitender Singh. "On an arithmetic convolution", Journal of Integer Sequences, 17 (2014) Article 17.6.7. Jitender Singh and S S Singh. "Instability in temperature modulated rotating Rayleigh-B\'enard convection", Fluid Dyn. Res. 46(1) (2014), 015504. Jitender Singh. "A nonlinear shooting method and its application to nonlinear Rayleigh-B\'enard convection", ISRN Mathematical Physics (Hindawi), (2013) 6502081-9. 5. Jitender Singh, E. Hines, D. Iliescu. "Global stability results in temperature modulated convection in ferrofluids", Appl. Math. Comp. 219 (2013), 6204-6211. Jitender Singh and Renu Bajaj. "Convective instability in a Ferrofluid layer with temperature modulated rigid-boundaries", Fluid Dyn. Res., 43, (2011) 025502. Jitender Singh. "Energy-relaxation for transient convection in Ferrofluids", Phys. Rev. E, 82, 2 (2010) 0263111-9. Jitender Singh and Renu Bajaj, "Temperature modulation in Ferrofluid convection", Phys. Fluids (AIP), 21, 6, (2009), 0641051-12. Jitender Singh. "Defining power sums of n and φ(n) integers", Int. Jour. Num. Th., 5, 1 (2009), 41-53. Jitender Singh and Renu Bajaj, "Thermal modulation in Rayleigh-Benard convection", The ANZIAM J. (Cambridge University Press), 50, 2, (2008), 231-245.
Awards and Honours:Visiting Fellow, University of Warwick, U. K.(2010); NBHM Post Doctoral Fellowship(2007); IISc Post Doctoral Fellowship(2007)