Accredited at “A++” grade (highest level as per modified criteria notified on 27.07.2017) by NAAC and Conferred “University with Potential for Excellence” status by UGC

Department :  Computer Engineering & Technology

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Name:Mrs. Prabhpreet Kaur
Areas of Interest / SpecializationImage Processing, Genetic Algorithm, Machine Learning
Best Ten Publications:1. Harjot Singh and Prabhpreet Kaur (2014), "Guided Filtering with Visibility Restoration" International Journal of Management, IT and Engineering, Vol. 1 Issue 4, July-2014, ISSN: 2249 0558. 2. Harmandeep Ranota and Prabhpreet Kaur(2014), "A Novel Approach for Image Enhancement in Digital Image Processing", Second International Conference on Emerging Research in Computing, Information, Communication and Applications, ERCICA-2014, August 2014. 3. Harjot Singh and Prabhpreet Kaur (2014), "Improved Visibility Restoration Using Edge Preserving Guided Filter", International Journal of Emerging Trends & Technology in Computer Science Volume 3, Issue 2, pp 85-90, March- April 2014,ISSN 2278-6856. 4. Rupinder Kaur and Prabhpreet Kaur (2014), " Speckle Noise Reduction in Ultrasound Images", International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering, Volume 4,Issue 3,March2014,pp 998-1001,ISSN: 2277 128X. 5. Rakesh Sachdeva and Prabhpreet Kaur (2014), "SSM: Secure Storage Migration among Cloud Providers", 'The IJST' Journal, Volume 1I, Issue III, March 2014, pp 120-126. 6. Harmandeep Kaur Ranota and Prabhpreet Kaur(2014) , "Review and Analysis of Image Enhancement Techniques" ,2nd international conference on Advancements in Computing Sciences, Information Techniques & Emerging E-Learning Technologies (ACSITEET- 2014) , Jawaharlal Nehru university, New Delhi, ISSN 0974-2239 ,Vol. 4, No. 6, pp. 583-590, 22-23 Feb 2014. 7. Navpreet Saroya and Prabhpreet Kaur (2014), "Analysis of Image Compression Algorithm using DCT and DWT Transforms", International Journal of advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering,", Vol4 No2 , February 2014, pp ISSN:22776451 8. Harmeet Kaur Kelda, Prabhpreet Kaur(2014), "A Review: Color Models in Image Processing" published in International Journal of Computer Technology & Applications, Vol.5 (1), , pp-319-322,April 2014,ISSN 2229-6093 9. Brahmjeet Kaur,Jaswinder Singh, Prabhpreet Kaur and Tirath Singh(2014), " Conversion of English Text File to Corresponding Punjabi Audio Through Parsing- A Review", International Journal of Computer Engineering and Applications, Volume VII, Issue II, pp121-126,August 14, ISSN 2321­3469. 10. Harmandeep Kaur Ranota and Prabhpreet Kaur (2013), "An Overview of Image Enhancement Techniques", 1st National Conference on Information Technology and Cyber Security, Chandigarh University, Gharuan, Vol.1/PP 635-639/ITCS13/115, 3rd December, 2013
Awards and Honours:1.Awarded by Indian Press Council as the topper in M.Tech from PTU (2010).2. Gold Medalist in M.Tech from Punjab Technical University (2009).3. Topper in B.Tech from A.I.E.T Faridkot (2007).