Accredited at “A++” grade (highest level as per modified criteria notified on 27.07.2017) by NAAC and Conferred “University with Potential for Excellence” status by UGC

Department :  Computer Science

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Name:Dr. (Mrs.) Parminder Kaur
Areas of Interest / SpecializationComponent-Based Software Engineering, Web Services
Best Ten Publications:1. Harpreet Singh and Parminder Kaur (2014), "Website Structure Optimization Model Based on Ant Colony System and Local Search", International Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science, Volume 11, Issue 7, pp 48-53, DOI: 10.5815/ijitcs.2014.11.07 2. Navdeep Kaur and Parminder Kaur (2014), "SQL Injection - Anatomy and Risk Mitigation", CSI Communications, Volume 38, Issue 3, June 2014, pp 37-38, ISSN 0970-647X. 3. Taranjeet Kaur, Nisha Ratti and Parminder Kaur (2014), "Applicability of Lehman Laws on Open Source Evolution", International Journal of Computer Applications (IJCA), Volume 93, No. 18, May 2014, pp 40-46, ISBN: 0975-8887 4. Daljit Kaur and Parminder Kaur (2014), "Analysis of user Responses to Phishing Attacks", International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT), Vol. 3, Issue 2, pp 860-865, ISSN: 2278-0181, Impact Factor 1.76 5. Navdeep Kaur and Parminder Kaur (2014), "Input Validation Vulnerabilities In Web Applications", Journal of Software Engineering, Science Alert, Volume 8 , Issue 3, pp 116-126 , DOI: 10.3923/jse.2014.116.126, ISSN 1819-4311. 6. Seema and Parminder Kaur (2013), "Query Optimization Algorithm based on Relational Algebra Equivalence Transformation", International Journal of Engineering and Management Sciences (IJEMS), Volume 4, Issue 3, pp 326-331, ISSN 2229-600X. 7. Parminder Kaur and Hardeep Singh (2013), "A metric based approach for analysis of software development processes in open source environment", American Journal of Software Engineering and Applications. Vol. 2, No. 2, 2013, pp. 68-79. doi: 10.11648/j.ajsea.20130202.16, ISSN: 2327-2473 8. Parminder Kaur and Hardeep Singh (2012), "Configuration Management Issues in Software Process Management", American Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Volume 5, Issue 3, pp 261-265.DOI: 10.3844/ajeassp.2012.261.265 9. Parminder Kaur and Hardeep Singh, (2012), "A Modified Version Control Tool for Component-Based Systems", ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes, Volume 37, Number 6, pages 1-10, DOI: 10.1145/2382756.2382765 10. Daljit Kaur, Parminder Kaur and Hardeep Singh (2012), "Secure Spiral: A Secure Software Development Model", Journal of Software Engineering, Science Alert, Volume 6 , Issue 1, pp 10-15 , ISSN 1819-4311.
Awards and Honours:Nil