Accredited at “A++” grade (highest level as per modified criteria notified on 27.07.2017) by NAAC and Conferred “University with Potential for Excellence” status by UGC

Department :  Chemistry

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Name:Dr. Palwinder Singh
Areas of Interest / SpecializationOrganic Chemistry: Synthesis, Medicinal, Bioorganic Chemistry
Best Ten Publications:1. Synthesis of pyrazole based hybrid molecules: Search for potent multidrug resistance modulators. Palwinder Singh, Kamaldeep Paul and Wolfgang Holzer. Bioorg. Med. Chem., 2006, 14, 5061-5071. 2. Design, synthesis and anticancer activities of hybrids of indole and barbituric acids- Identification of highly promising leads. Palwinder Singh, Matinder Kaur, Pooja Verma. Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. 2009, 19, 3054-3058. 3. Synthesis and evaluation of indole, pyrazole, chromone and pyrimidine based conjugates for tumor growth inhibitory activities - Development of highly efficacious cytotoxic agents. Palwinder Singh, Matinder Kaur and W. Holzer. Eur. J. Med. Chem., 2010, 45, 4968-4982. 4. Mono-, di-, and triaryl substituted tetrahydropyrans as cyclooxygenase-2 and tumor growth inhibitors. Synthesis and biological evaluation. Palwinder Singh and Atul Bhardwaj.J. Med. Chem. 2010, 53, 3707-3717. 5. Synthesis and evaluation of indole based scaffolds for antimicrobial activities-Identification of promising candidates. Palwinder Singh, Puja Verma, Bhawna Yadav, Sneha S. Komath. Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett., 2011, 21, 3367-3372. 6. Formation of adenine from CH3COONH4/NH4HCO3-the probable prebiotic route for adenine. Palwinder Singh, Amrinder Singh. Tetrahedron Lett. 2013, 54, 2525-2527. 7. A Fluorescent Probe for Estimation of Adenosine Diphosphate and Monitoring of Glucose Metabolism. Arun Kumar, Parteek Prasher, Palwinder Singh. Org. Biomol. Chem., 2014, 12 (19), 3071 - 3079. 8. Temperature, pH and H-bond synergism for peptide bond formation: synthesis of sequence specific tetra- and penta-peptides without using coupling reagent.Palwinder Singh, Amrinder Singh, Sukhmeet Kaur, Venus Singh Mithu, Manpreet S. Bhatti. RSC Adv., 2014, 4, 37371. 9. 4.H-Bond Activated Glycosylation of Nucleobases: Implications for Prebiotic Nucleoside Synthesis. Amrinder Singh, Jagroop Kaur, Palwinder Singh. RSC Adv., 2014, 4, 3158. 10. Transformation of Gas Phase Amino Acid Clusters to Dipeptides: A Nice Approach to Demonstrate the formation of Prebiotic Peptides. Palwinder Singh, Amrinder Singh, Sukhmeet Kaur. Rapid Commun. Mass Spectro. 2014, 28, 2019-2023. 11. Current status of COX-2 inhibitors.Palwinder Singh, Anu mittal.Mini Rev Med Chem, 2008, 8 (1), 73-90. 12.5. N-1, C-3 Substituted Indoles as 5-LOX Inhibitors- In Vitro Enzyme Immunoaasay, Mass spectral and Molecular Docking Investigations. Palwinder Singh, Pooja. Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. 2013, 23, 1433-1437.
Awards and Honours:Best Teacher Award by Chemical Research society of India, Bangalore Bronze medal, Chemical Research Society of India, Bangalore Member, Editorial Board Eur. J. Med. Chem.