Accredited at “A++” grade (highest level as per modified criteria notified on 27.07.2017) by NAAC and Conferred “University with Potential for Excellence” status by UGC

Department :  University Business School

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Areas of Interest / SpecializationMARKETING
Best Ten Publications: Pavleen Soni and Jyoti Vohra, (2014),"Advertising foods to Indian children: what is the appeal?", Young Consumers, Vol. 15, Issue 2, 178-192.  Pavleen Soni and Jyoti Vohra , (2014),"Targeting the young food consumer", Marketing Intelligence & Planning, Vol. 32, Issue 5 630 - 645  Pavleen Soni (2013), "Promoting Foods to Indian Children through Product Packaging", Journal of Competitiveness, Vol.5, Issue 4, 134-146.  Pavleen Kaur and Jyoti Vohra (2013), "Preference for Promotional Strategies Directed at Children: An Empirical Investigation" Pacific Business Review International, Vol.5, No. 7, 32-40.  Pavleen Soni and Raghbir Singh (2012), "Mediation of TV Advertising to Children-An Empirical Study of Indian Mothers", Society and Business Review, Vol. 7, No.3 (Published by Emerald).  Pavleen Kaur and Raghbir Singh (2007), "Uncovering Retail Shopping Motives of Indian Youth", Young Consumers, Vol. 8, No. 2, 128-138. (Published by Emerald).  Pavleen Kaur and Raghbir Singh (2006), "Children in Family Purchase Decision Making in India and the West: A Review", Academy of Marketing Science Review, No.8, (Available at: (A Journal of Academy of Marketing Science, USA).  Pavleen Kaur and Raghbir Singh (2005), "Conflict Resolution in Urban and Rural Families: A Factor Analytical Approach", Vision, Vol. 9, No. 1, 59-67. (A Journal of Management Development Institute, Gurgaon, a Sage Publication).  Raghbir Singh and Pavleen Kaur (2004), "Dynamics of Purchase Decision Making in Families", South Asian Journal of Management, Vol. 11, No. 4, 26-41. (A Journal of Association of Management Development Institutions in South Asia) Indexed in ProQuest and EBSCO.  Pavleen Soni and Raghbir Singh (2003), "Dimensions of Purchase Decision Making in Families Revisited: Pitfalls and Prospects", The Management Review, Vol. 15, No.3, 59-68. (A Journal of Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, published by Elsevier).
Awards and Honours:Cleared UGC (JRF) for pursuing PHD